Better Lighting.  Less Energy.  Cost Neutral.

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Welcome to Efficient Lighting Consultants

Proven energy conservation technologies can deliver significant energy savings for your facility with a high return on investment. Our solutions significantly reduce overhead expenses while saving money and reducing the negative effects on the environment. Incentive programs are available in all 50 states and Efficient Lighting Consultants works directly with your local utility company to identify and maximize rebate potential so the program is cost neutral for you. Get started with our Free Energy Audit.


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About Efficient Lighting Consultants

What you need to know about Efficient Lighting Consultants in CT is simple: 


We can provide the most energy efficient lighting for your business

We identify the latest, most efficient lighting technology for increased or whiter, brighter lights in your facility. This creates a safer working environment for your employees, potentially reducing workers compensation and insurance premiums, and lowers monthly maintenance costs.

We make energy efficiency easy

We help you capitalize on green energy rebate incentives that quickly produce quantifiable costs savings and make the entire process easy to implement. We work with local utility companies throughout the nation to find you the optimal savings so your business can help the environment with minimal investment in time and resources.

We provide exceptional service and insight to our customers

During your free energy audit, ELC will determine the overall goals of your lighting project and perform an energy assessment of the facility. Our specialists will pinpoint what is required, identifying the most environmentally friendly value possible. The audit results will show the potential ROI of the project as well as your rebate potential for a cost-neutral retrofit.