Savings and Benefits to Expect

Efficient lighting projects generate a reduction in company power consumption which can result in an electric bill that exceeds 40% savings.

Federal and state energy efficiency funds are helping businesses and institutions save money, increase safety and maintenance benefits and protect the environment – all with a cash flow neutral implementation. See our State Incentives [LINK] page for a list of financial incentives offered in your state.

Money Savings

Replacing old metal halides with new energy efficient T-5 lighting will not only cut the power draw by 50% but also reduce fixture heat output by 50%, therefore reducing the amount of air conditioning that is needed to maintain facility temperatures and reducing your energy costs even further.

Energy Savings

Energy savings are achieved through a combination of replacing the primary working components of light fixtures and/or replacing existing out-of-date fixtures (i.e. halides) with new, state-of-the-art equipment. Additional energy savings can be accomplished by installing occupancy sensors so that lights can be automatically turned off when no one is in an area.

Safety & Maintenance Benefits

By increasing and or having whiter brighter lights in your facility you are creating a safer working environment for your employees. If onsite injuries are reduced, workers compensation and insurance premiums go down as well. Lighting components are changed much less often resulting in less manpower and less material costs